Why I love Blogging

Some people blog as a hobby, some as a part of their profession and some to just vent their thoughts. Me, on the other hand? I blog to bring out the thoughts that I am often unable to speak.

Most people who have met me or interacted with me would call me an out-&-out extrovert! In fact some would probably pay me to just keep quiet. But no human being is one-dimensional. Everyone has multiple aspects that are often hidden from the rest of the world. My inability to often speak out what I’m thinking is one of them. Blogging provides a channel to just be me.

When I first started blogging I did a lot of research and checked out various famous blogs. One thing that stood out is that all blogs have a set theme. Some are funny, some political and some super philosophical. I don’t follow a theme and that in itself is my blog’s character.

However, despite all this I feel that my blog is lacking somewhere. I am unable to break past the handful readers (all of whom are friends) to making it a public entity. With the help of this opportunity by Miss Malini I’m sure I can learn how to make my baby blog into strong grown up.

Let me end this blog with a poem I once wrote:

The road unknown,
The long walk home.
At cross roads I stand,
Blank map in my hand .
Blurred face I see then,
Says “Here’s a pen,”
Your path is your own,
The journey alone.
Draw out your route,
To the odds stick the boot.
In the circle of ease,
Have I lost my keys?
It isn’t easy to move on,
For this road is long.
This road unknown,
With its long walk home.

The journey for my blog is still a beginning. I wait to reach the destination.

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It’s time for a break

For the past 1 year (since I got engaged) my wedding seemed like “ages” away…. Now that December is inching closer I can see how fleeting time is…I also didn’t expect the time to quit work would come so soon…. I have been with Convonix for 3 years now so the decision to leave 3 months before the wedding was not super easy….. I kept telling myself to push my last day by another week, another month….. But finally after a lot of consideration I decided to leave by end September …. Now we come to the question that everyone who heard I was leaving asked me: Why so soon? And here is my answer: to do things I never had time for!

In my case break does involve wedding planning but seriously the bigger issue here is, how often do we have time for ourselves? How often have we gone out and bought sports gear but never had the time to use it? How often have we made movie plans for a 9pm show but cancelled around 8 because there didn’t seem to be any chance of work ending? How many times did we think of finishing a must-read book but never actually got around to it? The reality is that for all these questions the answer is just one: “too many to count”

Among the more imp and obvious things (like wedding preps), on my sabbatical I plan to play sports like squash, badminton, go for a swim, go trekking up a tough route and read!! I want to finish all those books that are half read and lying around with bookmarks in the middle waiting to be completed.

While I’m going to miss work, I’m definitely looking forward to this new phase.. a phase I haven’t experienced in years….

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Thought behind the art

Disclaimer: This blog post is for believers; if you think tattoo’s are hogwash then you’d probably want to move on.

I have often been asked “Why would you get inked? It’s permanent”. After my first tattoo I repeatedly answered that question to everyone who saw the tattoo on my hand. My last tattoo was simply the phrase “Let it be” on my wrist. For me it’s more than a song, it’s a motto. Life is going to throw curveballs every now and then. To every problem there will be a right way to handle it. But hunting for a solution is not always the right way to deal with it. Sometimes you just have to let it be and the answer finds its way to you.

My second tattoo concept started off with a bundle of thoughts. I wanted to get something that ties in everything: my love for travel, finding the right directions in life, my parents and importantly a new relationship I’m about to embark upon. Of course, since I cant really draw I had a hard time explaining my thoughts and getting them down on paper. Thanks to Pramod (awesome colleague) the thoughts finally have a shape:


At first glance the tattoo is primarily about travel (Which is my ultimate dream in life) but each element also has alternate meaning. The 8 point star, a symbol of direction stands for how my parents brought me up, absolute freedom to choose my life direction albeit with proper guidance along the way. And when my so called “perfect” choices fell flat, they were always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, pick up the pieces and show me how to move ahead. For that they are my compass.

The bird is a symbol of my flighty nature: the need to take off without much thought of the journey or the destination. At the other end is an anchor: one of the most important parts of a ship. The anchor is what keeps a ship from drifting, keeps it grounded. Vrish: you are my anchor. Our “oppositeness” is what keeps the balance and I wanted to bring that element out here too.

While all this may sound far-fetched, I believe I have finally been able to bring out the elements that mattered the most to me in this tattoo.. Here’s to all those who matter; you will always be a part of me.


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A Letter of Hope

Dear Men,

Today, being a woman in India embarrasses me. It’s gone a step beyond just fear, it’s now plain embarrassment. Not that all of you are at fault and responsible for this feeling, but don’t you think it’s time there was some change in the male attitude? Before you get on your high horses and tell me that I’m being an unreasonable feminist let me state that this letter is not for everyone and those who relate to it will perhaps understand the emotion.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies rape! Not our tiny skirts, not our ability to hold a drink and certainly not our right to go out and have fun! (Dented and painted my ass)  But this letter is not about rape. It’s about where it all starts from: our homes. Answer this: Do you guys really respect us? Yes, I’m sure you love us, cherish us and want us forever, but do you respect us? You might demand respect from us but is it mutual? Let’s face it, we are not perfect. We don’t always look pretty; sometimes we want to dress in drab clothing and forget to do our hair. Sometimes we don’t want to cook for you, we just want to chill. Sometimes we just don’t want to go to the parlor and remember to wax our legs to perfection or have pretty eyebrows. We want to have an occasional drink, go out with our friends and behave like lunatics or even eat an entire bucket of KFC in the most non-aesthetic way possible. Does this make us any less of women? Some of you like comparing us to your mother’s; while at times we may take it as a compliment, other times it’s just a confidence killer.

While it may seem like I’m deviating from the gravity of the situation, I strongly believe that everything starts from the very basic. Why can’t we teach our sons that women are not meant to be objectified and treated as arm candy? We are your partners, better halves, sisters, mothers or even your gal pals. We are not here to make you happy; we want to, but that’s not what we are here for.

Your 2013 resolution should be to take some time out, reflect on what you can change within yourself. We may or may not impact what lawmakers do, but I think we can certainly change ourselves and the generations to come.

We still have faith in some of you. We want to be able tell our daughters that “Go out and have fun. You will be safe. We are sure.”

The Women in your life

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Life Happens

When did we grow up? When did we go from caring about scraped knees to mending broken hearts? In this war of right v/s wrong, to-do v/s not-to-do, desire v/s duty, have we lost the will to just be ourselves?

There are questions; and then some more! Being a grown up includes being stuck in an endless maze of answer seeking, most of which remains a mystery till the end. Every morning we wake up with the good fortune of having lived another day; one agonizingly meaningless minute at a time. Tarot cards are contradictory; newspaper horoscopes more fictional than the comic strips they are printed next to. We tried logic and we prayed for magic, the answers still continue to elude. Growing up is not as cool as we thought it was when we played dress-up and all of us wanted to be the “Parents”.

However, there is something I read today that got me thinking, sometimes you need to stop doing that! Sometimes you have to stop analyzing the past, stop predicting the future, stop  seeking answers and just let life happen.

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Life is a Shampoo Aisle



Ever stood in a supermarket shampoo aisle and spent time wondering which shampoo to buy? Yes sure, your mind tells you “Go for the trusty one you have been using for 10 years. Why change now?” while your heart tells you “Haven’t you seen the commercials? Be brave, try the new one that was created with modern technology“…..What do you usually do? Go with the good ol trusty one or try something new? And that my friends is the million dollar question. Frivolous as it may sound, Life is a Shampoo aisle! Its so easy to go for something that works “Just Fine”. Its the “New” that we don’t often reach out for. 

What’s important to note is that things don’t stop being difficult when the choice is made. What comes later is a tumultuous roller coaster ride that tends to make you feel like you’re falling off; a roller coaster by the name of ‘Consequence’. If choices at times are poor, Consequences rob you off the pocket change you have left. 

Does this mean you should forever live in your comfort zone? Definitely not; in fact its the bad, risky and novel choices that make you who you are. You and the consequences of your choices are stuck together; for better or for worse. And you know what? Even the worse is better than nothing. So go forth; do something stupid, eat that weird looking meat, wink at someone way out of your league….try the brand new Shampoo. 

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Small Joys

Happiness is often overrated. Some people are looking for violins playing in the background or a great epiphany to bring them to a happy moment. As for me, I find joy in the smaller things in life. What makes me happy? Here goes:

1.) Brand new shoes (I’m a girl! what do you expect?)

2.) Puppies (One of my very few regrets in life is that I could never have a puppy! Maybe someday)

3.) Writing. (While I may not be a great writer, it is my escape for the normality of this world)

4.) Beaches (I find nothing more beautiful than an endless deep blue sea and white sand beneath my feet)

5.) Birthdays (Not just mine! I love all birthdays. Its the one day a person gets to be treated special and I love doing that for others.)

6.) Cycling (This is one joy I cant explain. You need to experience it to know what I mean)

7.)  A good book

8.) Stuffed Toys (I dont think I can ever outgrow this fascination)

9.) Music (Instrumental Music to be precise. Trying to learn the flute. Lets see where that goes)

10.)  Malls (I just love them! I dont have to actually buy anything to enjoy a mall. There’s just so much vibrancy that you cant help but have fun)

11.) Video Game Arcade (Ever had a day bad enough to want to contemplate quitting? Next time go to an Arcade and play DDR. This game is designed to make people happy I guess. And the intense workout is an added bonus)

12.) Taking pictures (Happy faces. Sad faces. Grumpy faces. I love clicking them all. Why portraits? Because sometimes the camera sees whats behind a straight face and I like uncovering the great human mystery)

While these are a few things that make me happy, I realize that everyday brings something new worth smiling about.

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