Congratulations to the new Mom

Hi there, congratulations on the birth of your son. I’m sure he is adorable and definitely will be your pride. I’m not a Mom yet but I have met a lot of sons and I just wanted to say a little something. Do open your mind and hear me out. One day your son will grow up and become more than just the apple of your eye; he will become the light of a young woman’s life. Today I’m going to speak for that young woman. The first thing I request you is to teach your son that men and women are equal. An appendage doesn’t entitle him to be of a superior sex. Teach him to respect the women that come into his life and watch how beautifully he is treated by all of them. Let him know that respect must be earned, but if he does earn it he will be among the happiest men on earth. It wont be a piece of cake but if he has a great example in you it won’t be that hard either. Secondly, teach him to dream. Great ambitions started with just a dream and teaching him to dream is the best foundation for his future life. But remember, he needs to learn that dreams need hard work to make them come true.

Encourage him to get hobbies that will stick with him for the rest of his life. The best relationships are the ones where both partners have individual interests and by encouraging this early you are ensuring a happy married life for him. No really it’s a lot more important than people give it credit for.

I know you will definitely give him a good education but along with the degrees teach him how to make friends. Also let him know that 4 really close friends are better than 20 acquaintances.

Lastly, and I know this is the hardest, teach him to let go of your skirt as he grows up. Let him fall and let him make his own mistakes with the woman who is ready to accept those little mistakes. Don’t worry, you’ll always be his number 1 girl. Just hope you don’t try to be the only one.

On behalf of your future daughter-in-law

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What the WHAT?

I have issues: there I said it Mom! Now, normal people have a couple of things that really bother them. I have 9. Not obvious 9 peeves but things that would prompt a regular person to say “What the what???” But like Mr.Monk says “If you paid attention you’d be worried too”. So here goes my list of things you need to know (YES YOU DO! Now read up)

1.) Bell Peppers:

What the hell is up with Bell Peppers? First of all, who discovered the only vegetable that smelled like a pest killer? More importantly why don’t other people realize this. I wonder how people go through life eating a terrible smelling vegetable that tastes like a table mat. Think about that the next time you eat stir fry. You are welcome.

2.) Food that smells

Primarily eggs and fish. However, like all rules with immense logic behind them, this too has exceptions. For e.g. Sunny-side-up and boiled are perfectly normal ways to eat eggs. Omlette on the other hand: NO! Shellfish is totes acceptable, fish in curry isn’t. Don’t even ask me to explain this. 

3.) Can’t sit next to doors

Basically anywhere except a car. In a car I have to sit next to a door. THIS MAKES TOTAL SENSE! Think about it, you are in a movie hall that gets attacked by man-eating aliens; who do you think they go for first? The ones closest to the door that’s who! The ones in the middle still have the hope that the aliens feel too full to eat them.In a car sitting in the middle makes me feel overly claustrophobic. Maybe goes back to my childhood recurring nightmare of being in a box thats closing in. I was a strange child.

4.) Multiple half empty bottles of the same drink

Why does this have to happen!!?? You finish a bottle and then drink from the next. Do this at my place, please be prepared for quick death. I’ll be completely okay dealing with the “Friend killed over bottled water” headline the next day in the paper. 

5.) Vegetables cut too big

Chop them up tiny and make them edible. That’s all I ask. Is that too much to expect?

6.) Food items touching on a plate

Because who can eat DalPotatoChickenSalad? 

7.) Sharing a water bottle

Do yourself a favour: Google how many germs are shared when we share a bottle and then tell me you don’t care! 

8.) Sweaty people

Hey I sweat too but I do not go around standing close to people so at one point we are sharing the sweat 50-50! 

9.) Local trains

Local trains are basically metal boxes full of sweaty people who give zero fucks if you combust due to sweat and claustrophobia. I’d literally rather be stuck in traffic for 3 hours than take a 15 minute train ride. 

Most importantly…


People stop existing for me when they say “I didn’t knew that….”. I didn’t knew I had such a problem with it. #SlapsSelfOnFace

OMG there are 10 things?? I have 10 issues! What the hell is wrong with you woman??

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DIY : Bird cage lamp

I must confess: I have been bitten by the DIY bug! This is my second DIY within a week.
Couple of days ago I found a rusted bird cage abandoned by my neighbors. Here’s what it looked like:


After an entire afternoon of hard work this is what I ended up with:


You can do this too. Once you clean the bird cage make flowers out of m-seal and mould them on the cage. Once the flowers harden spray paint the entire cage with white paint.


Let this dry. If some spots are missed use acrylic paint and a brush to touch up.

When it dries paint the flowers. Drape a string of fairy lights around your cage and your lamp is ready to brighten up your home


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DIY Friday : Cassette lamp

Sometimes when you are cleaning out your closet you chance upon old goodies that were once really important but are now just occupying space in your already cramped closets. That’s what happened to me this morning while I was cleaning out my shoe closet. I found some of my old cassettes that I once couldn’t live without. My purse used to contain my Sony Walkman and my favourite Kuch Kuch Hota Hai cassette among others. Since there are so many memories attached I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out. After a bit of Googling and an afternoon of crafts this is what I came up with:


Here’s how you can make one too.
Things you need:


– old cassettes (make the lamp as wide or tall as you want)
– Cable ties (you can find at any hardware store)
– Slate (for the base. If you want to use wood that works too)
– Black spray paint (to colour the slate. You can use regular acrylic colour too)
– Fevi Kwik
– Fabric glue
– Fairy lights (1 string. Any colour you like. I chose white)

Step 1:
Spray paint your slate black so you have a uniform colour. Make sure you do this outside your house and line the floor with ample newspapers. Leave the slate out till it is fully dry. This will form the base of your lamp.


Step 2

Start stacking the tapes and tying them together with cable ties. Use fevi kwik in the gaps.


Step 3

Once your tower is ready put strong adhesive on your slate base. I used fabric glue as it is quite strong.


Step 4

Place tower on glue outline and let it dry


Step 5

Put a string of fairy lights from the top and voila your lamp is ready!


Make sure you use low voltage fairy lights or the cassettes could melt!

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The road is long….

So much has changed over the last 1 year. Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life but it seems mine has been a roller coaster which doesn’t have a stop button. When this ride began my first reaction was “oh god please stop this!!”. But, in retrospect, the ride was designed for me. It was designed to remind me of what I dreamt of in life and to keep going at it no matter what happens. And it is on this journey that “Red Fish Blue Fish” began. I still remember that day when my friend Viraj and I met up for coffee and were lamenting about the lack of some major passion in life. Maybe it was that amazingly good cup of coffee or just the right moment when both of us had the same thought: “Chal yaar kuch karte hai”. We kind of clicked when it came to becoming business partners. It’s not like we hadn’t tried to establish a start-up before. The last attempt wasn’t successful for various reasons but in a way I’m glad we moved on an landed on starting a fashion brand! Think about it: A girl with the strangest fashion sense and a guy who can’t tell chiffon from cotton; starting a fashion brand!!!! Sounds strange as hell, doesn’t it? To all those who think “This is way out of my league”; just remember, nothing ever is! My humble suggestion to any budding entrepreneurs would be to stick to what you love even if you don’t have tons of experience in it.

One of the biggest challenge I face as an owner of a startup is the bankruptness :P I mean, cmon, if you really think you are going to start rolling in money then you have another thing coming. Also, I don’t remember the last weekend I WASNT doing something related to work. But I’d rather be bankrupt and chasing my dreams than working 9-5 in a job and slogging for someone else’s dream. Wouldn’t you? Every day is exciting and when we are not making shoes, we are thinking about them! In my mind “Devil wears Prada” is constantly playing and fiction novels have been replaced by Vogue. Here’s to having a ball riding on the long road ahead of us…. It won’t be easy, but it will certainly be fun.

Stay tuned to our journey here:

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Because I’m a girl….

I am an Indian girl…. You can stop reading now if you think it is one of those feminist rants… Well since you are still reading let me move on…. I’m an Indian girl and let’s face it life is difficult right from the time we are in our mother’s womb….. Every single day there is a new struggle and don’t even tell me that it’s any different for you…. When was the last time you wore a tank top on a hot day, just because it was too hot to be covered up, and felt secure?? When was the last time you sat at a public place and ate an ice candy without worrying men are visualising something else entirely?…. Dear guy-on-bus-who-cribbed-about-ladies-seats, I am against reservation too but if you would just stop groping us we would be quite comfortable standing next to you in a crowded bus… What do you think happened when I went home and told my parents I argued with a rickshawala for charging extra fare? I was told to keep quiet and not anger “these kind of men”… Why? Because I’m a girl….

No, I am not one of those women who wish “agle baar mohe bitiya na kijo”! I am perfectly happy to be born a girl but as I was growing up I often secretly wished I could swap lives with my brother just so I wouldn’t have to live up to archaic and jaded rules created thanks to the perversions of our fellow men…

Someone once told me women and men are not equal… All I have to say to that it is that some of us are not but that’s a choice you make for yourself…I wouldn’t say we are better, but pulling others down just because you can’t get up is what got us here in the first place…. I don’t blame men for all the problems Indian women suffer…I strongly feel women are each other’s worst enemies… If we see the stats, more than half the domestic abuse crimes in the country are perpetrated by the mother-in-law before the husband…. It’s a sad situation and an even bleaker future…

If I ever have a daughter I don’t want to have to teach her to be “submissive” and “take a step back”…I want to teach her to make herself heard, I want to teach her to stand up for what she believes in without fear who is standing up to her… But most of all I would want her not to have to look over her shoulder every time she steps out into the world… Before I do that I need to set an example & learn to stand up to all odds… Why? Because I’m a GIRL….

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Thought behind the art

Disclaimer: This blog post is for believers; if you think tattoo’s are hogwash then you’d probably want to move on.

I have often been asked “Why would you get inked? It’s permanent”. After my first tattoo I repeatedly answered that question to everyone who saw the tattoo on my hand. My last tattoo was simply the phrase “Let it be” on my wrist. For me it’s more than a song, it’s a motto. Life is going to throw curveballs every now and then. To every problem there will be a right way to handle it. But hunting for a solution is not always the right way to deal with it. Sometimes you just have to let it be and the answer finds its way to you.

My second tattoo concept started off with a bundle of thoughts. I wanted to get something that ties in everything: my love for travel, finding the right directions in life, my parents and importantly a new relationship I’m about to embark upon. Of course, since I cant really draw I had a hard time explaining my thoughts and getting them down on paper. Thanks to Pramod (awesome colleague) the thoughts finally have a shape:


At first glance the tattoo is primarily about travel (Which is my ultimate dream in life) but each element also has alternate meaning. The 8 point star, a symbol of direction stands for how my parents brought me up, absolute freedom to choose my life direction albeit with proper guidance along the way. And when my so called “perfect” choices fell flat, they were always there to lend a shoulder to cry on, pick up the pieces and show me how to move ahead. For that they are my compass.

The bird is a symbol of my flighty nature: the need to take off without much thought of the journey or the destination. At the other end is an anchor: one of the most important parts of a ship. The anchor is what keeps a ship from drifting, keeps it grounded. My nature is a paradox and the reason I am what I am is that I can keep myself grounded while being flighty.

While all this may sound far-fetched, I believe I have finally been able to bring out the elements that mattered the most to me in this tattoo.. Here’s to all those who matter; you will always be a part of me.


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