18 Aug

July 6, 2009 – Monday

Sitting jobless for 2 months and counting teaches you a lot of things for yourself that were previously unknown to even yourself…… So my findings about myself are as follows:

1.) I actually ENJOY cleaning (God strike me with lighting!)

2.) Rearranging furniture is calming (OR it just tires me out)

3.) I have a desperate urge to punch some guy (read: male of the species…Not liek they dont deserve it.)

4.) Im incapable of sitting peacefully for 10 mins. (I think i just killed “Lazy me” R.I.P)

5.) Im addicted to buying books…. I have 250 at the last count and im adding more every week…

6.) I have begun to hate the weekends….EVeryone seems to be talkign about their stressful week and well I have just pretty much twidled my thumbs.

Times like this I miss the Im-So-LAzy-I-sleep-off-entire-weekends-and-enjoy-afterwork-drinks-and-discussing-asshole-colleagues ME.

Till i go back to that i guess ill keep the new ME. If not anything else ill be living in a clean room . 🙂

Super – Cool BYe


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