18 Aug

July 19, 2009 – Sunday

Let me make myself clear………….I’m not Oprah…………I cannot give you a house if you tell me you are homeless………….What I can do very well is give to the point and rather blunt advice on how to get rid of your problems………….So address your predicaments t Agony Aunt and if you are lucky your letter will be discussed here 🙂

Dear A.A,

I’m suffering from a rather weird problem. I think I like this guy who reciprocates my feeling but liking him doesn’t make me happy ….. and does make me happy at the same time. Why?


Hopeless Idiot

Dear H.I,

You have a rather common and yet surprisingly uncommon syndrome…..For lack of a better name I will refer to it as the 5 STAGE syndrome……More often than not this syndrome is applied to death but let me explain how it applies to Love as well………..

1.) STAGE 1: Denial

Initially you are in extreme denial…..When you realise that a guy is in love with you, you tend to tell yourself its not true. You keeping thinking you are imagining things and the feelign will soon pass…..

2.) STAGE 2: Anger

“How is this even possible? How can I possibly be in love with HIM . This is so not happening” Enough said

3.) STAGE 3: Bargaining

You keep trying other ways to make the feeling go away. You think that maybe spending your 3 months savings on clothes wil help. Although if the love is true this does nto help.

4.) STAGE 4: Depression

Now dont let this reflect poorly on the guy. He could be a combination of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. By this stage you feel like this is the last time you will fall in love and will never love anyone again. So you generally end up thinking you are unhappy with said guy. Incidently you are now in this stage. Considering you have gone through the last 4 stages, stick aroun the next step is good.

5.) STAGE 5: Acceptance

Finally you realise that this is IT. Enjoy …..

This post wasnt quite meant to be this morbid…………..

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