18 Aug

July 16, 2009 – Thursday

Regrettably I have to announce that Indian television has passed away not-so-peacefully on the night of June 29th, when the beloved Rakhi Sawant decided to host a swayamvar for herself. The memory of the much loved Indian Television was further marred by not-so-subtle attempts of copying american television namely Sach Ka Saamna and Iss Jungle se mujhe Bachao, which are simply translated versions of Moment of Truth and Im a celebrity; get me out of here, respectively (Seriously though a little creativity with the titles could not have gone amiss!!)

The so-called Golden Era of television ended with the shut down of Balaji’s mind-numbing and entirely regressive soap factory. Im sure we are subjected to these shows not for the lack of talent in India, but for the lack of courage to go in a new direction. Producers are looking for a comfort zone where they can be assured to atleast break even.

Since we are suffering from such a dearth of decent programming producers really need to consider my show suggestions (go back couple of entries)…………If not anything it was certainly different or say they say in the telly world “zara hatke”

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