Half empty; Half Full

18 Aug

June 23, 2009 – Tuesday

If anyone were to ask me to name my strong points, commitment would be the very last. I’m talking about my commitment to writing here. 🙂 . I have had several failed attempts at blogging, scripting and even maintaining a diary. However now that I have decided to be wholly committed to writing my first novel I am using this blog as a test of my commitment levels. Hell if I cant write a few words everyday on a blog who’s to say if I can finish a 50,000 word novel before I hit the bucket? Not that Im anywhere close to it.

Maybe my need to blog also stems from an intense and supressed feeling of frustration. Recession is not being very kind to me and some how my personality is not suited to sitting idly by at home watching the afternoon cookery shows and discussing housekeeping secrets with my granny ! I have been taught to view the glass as half full and not half empty. But its a little hard to be a ray of sunshine when the whole world has decided to just close their eyes towards your brightness.

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