18 Aug

August 10, 2009 – Monday

The Indian media is currently in carnival mode…They have finally got a topic which can instill deep rooted fear in people and yet be real………….Swine Flu ! Channels like Aaj Tak and India TV are milking it for all its worth……………5 cases of swine flu is now 50 + cases……………The flu has supposedly reached pandemic proportions ; to the point of people being warned from entering maharasthtra [I wonder if the “illegal immigrants” will take this warning seriously………..Then again if they do our politicians will lose 80% of their voters]

Swine flu has actually provided us with a moral lesson: it doesnt take only a virus to create an epidemic………..We also need indian tendency to exxagerate and of course the infamous Indian Media. The only “good” thing that came out of this was for the scores of students who got a legit ticket to sit at home for a week……………What we are facing here is a serious situation of the boy who cried wolf ! …………The people of India are so used to Indian Media unashamedly hyping up everything; no matter how serious; that we do not know at exactly what point to be scared……..When is the right time to wear the “anti-flu” masks and not look like a complete idiot who got hoodwinked by the media?…………

Politicians too are not being very helpful………….Most are too busy trying to prove that the ruling party is incompetant…..The ones who are attempting to help are the ones who just want to be trend setters…….What we need is some one with not only knowledge of how to deal with the health and political aspect of this situation; but some one who also has the balls to do it.

What the media, political parties etc [or anyone in the position to do something] need to realise is that fear is not necessarily the best method to arrest this epidemic. Ok we are scared…..Could we get over it and please get constructive knowledge?

The lack of specialised centers dealing with the illness are also posing a problem…………If I have a scarily contagious illness, is it wise to make me travel a good 1 hr in heavy traffic to get to a place that can actually help me?

Hopefully we will be able to curb the progress of this virus soon; a drought, an epidemic and recession in the same year are not exactly a bearer of good tidings.

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