To Many Tomorrows

15 Dec

“Every great city in the world is a schizophrenic” – Victor Hugo

We share, yet we steal.

We care, yet we hurt.

We save, yet we kill.

Living in Mumbai is like living in a jungle. Your every pore is fighting to survive the sharks who want nothing more than to pull you down. Every fiber of your being wants to just run away from here but there is something indescribable, unspeakable that ties you down.  You go away for a while but you come back. The question is, What MUMBAI are you coming back to? The world sees your home as a land of the unfortunate and impoverished, yet you still see the golden bird in the cage, just waiting for a chance to fly.

A beggar once said ” Your Mumbai and our Mumbai is different- ours is full off dead ends and few choices – yours is full of hopes, plans and countless oppurtunities ”

“And the twain shall never meet’

You live in a land where the rich get richer and poor get poorer? What prompts the poor to stay? The minor fact that here they are poor with a meal, where as in their villages they are just poor.

You walk on the street with your eyes closed; do you see the mother who begs for her childs cough medicine? Do you see the father who steals to keep his child in school so he wont have to meet with the same fate? All you see are beggars and thiefs; deserve to be kicked out for tarnishing a beautiful city.

You know you can incite change, but you don’t. Its not your job you say; your job to curse the ones who don’t and stomp the ones who try. You like the way things are, in a limbo; a cursed fate. You deplore corruption, but you indulge in it. How else would you survive? Corruption is to Mumbai what breathing is to humans. Its a cancer that you have accepted and worst of all, adopted.

26/11 – 60 hours of terror and yet we are back on our feet immediately after. Spirit of Mumbai the world says – is it really? You are angry but you forget it in 2 days. Why have you accepted this as a part of your life? The first thought you have every morning is whether you will come home safe, yet you let Kasab get caught up in the chains of Indian bureaucracy. You fight for your every meal, while terrorists get biryani and access to all daily amenities. Is this an attempt to look like a fair nation or just a country that has been bogged down by bigger nations with a trigger?

Easier said than done ? Why even bother to try. Wake up –  not to smell the coffee – smell our fate. Raise a toast to the many tomorrows : filled with dreary choices and a fate that is a land of no return.

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One response to “To Many Tomorrows

  1. Shubham Chourey

    December 15, 2009 at 10:08 am

    hey its really nice one….

    Inspite of just listening & saying now its high time we should do something !!!

    I just wanna say :-

    ” Mehmaan banke aaoge to dildaar hai hum
    Dushman banke aaoge to taiyaar hai hum ”

    SHUBHAM !!!


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