Telemarketers Beware !

17 Dec

This post is completely pointless and may not even be funny, however I just had to get it out of my system. After writing on serious topics for so long, I just felt I had to deviate from the “intense” stereotype. So to all those people who think I can often be serious and preachy, here is a list of 26 ways you can freak out those annoying telemarketers:

1.) Start crying

2.) Ask them if they sell “blue pills”

3.) Start selling something back to them.

4.) Change your accent every 5 seconds

5.) Sound extremely interested in the product and then ask them if you can call them back in 5 years when you have the money

6.) Accuse the person of hitting your dog with his/her car that morning

7.) Press random buttons on your phone while talking and tell the other guy to stop doing it.

8.) Half way through the conversation pretend to have lost your memory

9.) If the person if of the same sex, hit on them. If the person if of the opposite sex then ask for some one of the same sex.

10.) Ask them for advice on where you can get good underwear

11.) Get offended and yell at them for being racist

12.) Start barking, Squawking and Meowing at regular intervals.

13.) Give an elaborate order for a pizza and hang up.

14.) Ask them if they exploit child labour.

15.) Make farting sounds and say “oops” everytime u do.

16.) Talk like a “Mumbaiyya Don”

17.) Psychoanalyze the other person

18.) Explain in proper biological terms the entire male and female anatomy

19.) Discuss the exploits of Big Boss housemates

20.) Ask them if you can rent a credit card for a day

21.) Tell them you died last week but would surely love the credit card anyway

22.) Ask if you could see the menu.

23.) Complain about the telemarketer. Then call again 2 hours later to say you were drunk.

24.) Give the person a long winding chemical formula. Tell him that you may be killed for creating it but you want him to patent it and carry forward his legacy.

25.) Ask him what he knows about magic mushrooms

26.) Tune the TV to a gunshot scene, yell “Arghhhh” really loudly and lapse into complete silence.

P.S : Yes some of these have been tried. And Yes, I am that juvenile.

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  1. aniket

    December 23, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    thats funny you always give me some good ideas to write my article.and yeah misty plzz read my new article . i hope you will like it


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