What 2009 taught me

27 Dec

In many ways 2009 was both one of the best and worst year of my life. 2009 was also exceptionally blunt and cruel; it certainly taught me a few things that caused a rather strong impression on my mind.  Here are some of the things I learned over the course of this year:

1.) Decisions are not always good or bad; it has shades of grey. You think what you are doing is the best possible option, but when it doesn’t work out you are left with a ton of regret. “What if” is the catch phrase of every individuals life, but the true test of our will power is getting over the “What if” and living for our decision.

2.) Never Ever trust another woman. Sounds insanely cynical and confusing perhaps, but lets face it, women are mean bitches. We do not play nice; especially if we have to share professional space with others of our kind. Its a whole lot easier working with men at the same level as you, but its a whole new ball game when you are competing with a chic. Cause when push comes to shove, we play dirty.

3.) Making other people happy is exhausting. It gives you some brief satisfaction, but when you’re lying awake at night just trying to fall asleep, you don’t think about all those other people you’ve made happy. You wonder why they’re so happy even though you can’t seem to fall asleep. That’s when you realize that you aren’t nearly as happy as you thought you were.

We are 3 days away from the new year; a new decade, yet there are always regrets. What if I had taken that one decision differently? What if I had said No? Life has an unlimited supply of regrets and sorrows, it takes insane amount of guts to get past all that and find all those smiles out there, just waiting to find a face to stick on to. This year there will be no resolutions, because once the haze of alcohol wears down, people generally forget all their resolutions. Instead 2010 will be all about taking decisions that make me happy. The rest will fall into place.

Happy new year to all.

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