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Rants of an insulted moviegoer!

OK without any prelude let me put all my cards on the table – All you so called script and story writers out there I’M PISSED OFF !! Let me begin by saying that the audience that you cater to are not all complete imbeciles. We do not just want to see scenic locales …Our purpose behind going for a movie is not Armchair Travelling…………Writers and Directors have probably lost the ability to look beyond the numbers……..Yes pretty half-naked foreign actresses and equally naked Indian actors may rake in the moolah but have you completely given up on garnering any respect? OK while I may like to see the occasional 6-pack, can we not make it the central plot of a movie please?

Another thing that just really irks me is “surrogate advertising” in movies….I know this may seem hypocritical since I am of advertising background, but speaking as a viewer, it is positively insulting……….. Just because Hrithik uses a certain network provider does not make me go “oooooh I should shift to that network right away cause what I see on the big screen is sooo real and totally not made up”

While it may be true that the audience for intelligent movies is limited, they need to be made……. While LSD (Love, Sex aur dhokha) was in no way a blockbuster or modern-day-classic, it atleast had some purpose and showed the directors guts if not anything else……..Such movies need to be applauded rather than trashed………..

P.S: Will some one please go slap Darsheel Safary and remind him that he isnt exactly an “Adult” Actor even though he may have been nominated in that category!!! Mr Safary claims to have a girlfriend but doesnt want to reveal her name to protect her privacy !! Dude you are 12 !!!! You do not even know what “it” does yet………….

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