A ‘Khichdi-fied’ weekend !

03 Oct

‘Khichdi’ by its very definition is a simple recipe that is renowned to reduce mind and body stress. I guess there couldnt have been a better name for this series of perfectly mindless humor produced by J.D Majethia.

When Khichdi started off as a TV show it immediately gained popularity and reason for that were evident. Besides the cleverly written puns and clean family jokes, the series had a unique way of helping viewers unwind and take their minds off the stressful baggage.

Recently JD Majethia came out with a movie version of the popular TV show. No I don’t plan to review the film; rather speak of the biggest virtue of the film. My colleagues and I were eagerly awaiting the release for over a week and the movie totally lived up to its name and the hype. I cant remember the last time I laughed with such unashamed abandon. I would say as a person Im always wound up over some worry or the other. This movie gave me a much needed relaxed weekend.

‘Hats off’ to the production team for not only making a spectacular film but also setting a trend for other popular TV shows aiming to branch out into films. The benchmark has been set.

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