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Dhinchak Auto !

Those who know me well enough are aware that I have a knack for finding the coolest auto rickshaws out there (although the female-driven auto still remains elusive.) After the hilarious walk with the ‘Sari-Aunties’ (check last post #shameless publicity) I finally found ‘THE’ coolest rickshaw ever……So there I was trudging along the muck filled roads of Mahape looking for any mode of transportation that would take me safely home and in front of me stops a god sent rickshaw-wala. For a change I had found a simple guy who did not put up a smug face and straight away say ‘No’ after hearing the destination. So I sat in and plugged in my ipod (because obviously my music is better than rickshaw guy’s music). After a while I hear faint tunes of a familiar song warbling out of his music system and I take off my ipod headphones only to be shocked !! The ‘cool’ driver was actually listening to Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. Thats when I realized that I was listening to ‘Golmaal 3’ title song and felt relatively uncool ! Here is the rickshaw man with really un-rickshaw type taste in music:


Lesson of the day “Think before you judge”

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Woh Sari mujhe de de Aunty !

There is a very fine line between wedding preparations and absolute insanity ! However Indian women are generally veering towards the latter. An Indian lady preparing for a wedding will not think twice about committing a felony if its gets things done according to her demands. Which is rather scary in a way! I certainly would not enter a sari shop during wedding season for fear of my limbs, which I prefer on my body and not on the sari shop floor.

Following is a conversation I overheard while walking to work:

Lady 1: Do you know what happened yesterday?

Lady 2: No what what? (As usual all Indian women thrive on good gossip)

Lady 1: I went to buy a sari for my daughters wedding and just as I put it on the counter to check out others this woman came and swiped it? (Translate: I didnt want that sari but ‘wanted’ it cause someone else did)

Lady 2: Good lord ! Kaminee (Translate: Im saying this just to hear the rest of it) What did you do?

Lady 1: Abused her and fought for the sari of course! Last piece it was !! (Translate: There were more like it in other shops but its a matter of principle to fight for what other people want)

Lady 2: Well done ! Hope you hit her? (Dont we all just love a good female fight?)

Lady 1: She got scared and gave it back. I didnt need to fight (Disgusting triumphant grin !)

Saying this both women calmly moved on to talking about some peace-guru. Height of hypocrisy and what a killer thing to hear on a Monday morning.

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Being ‘Awesome’ ! (Socially ! )

Yes, Social Media is definitely the coolest thing that has happened to the face of the internet (and for some ; to their entire lives). Most people probably consider themselves really ‘Awesome’ when it comes to Social Media presence and while some may actually be right; most are dead wrong! …..We really must start by defining what ‘Social Media Awesomeness’ is……Lets be very clear to the people out there who are awed by Quantity; its not about the size! When it comes to Social Media bigger is not always better……….While the number of friends you have are important its also about the Quality of your friendship………..I have come across a ton of un-awesome people who have a 1000+ friends but are pathetically uncool……So to start building on your Social Media Awesomeness you need to stop adding people you dont know……..And certainly dont start with “Will you make frandship?”……That’s the kind of thing that gives us a good humor break during bad work days………

Secondly, Age of your Social Media presence does not make you awesome ! Just because your dad signed up on Facebook 5 days before you does not necessarily make him awesomer (yes thats a word!)

So now that we have cleared the ground let me give you a few tips on how to be awesome (at the risk of sounding like a total braggart):

– Awesome people are NOT arrogant ! So if you have a 100 friends wanting to know your every move and like to hear from you then better interact…..Dont just sit there and gloat over the number of wall posts you received or status replies…

– Awesome people keep getting awesomer by the day ! So adopt trends as they happen in the social media space and do it well…..Reputation is at stake people !!!

– Dont forget that behind each Facebook or Twitter profile is a person ! So dont give up on your social life to sit at home in a dark room and tweet ! That would jsut make you pathetic and non-awesome…..

– Lastly like anything being socially awesome is a task in itself and needs to be evolved constantly to be able to keep up your A-Game…Popularity drops as fast as it rises………

Now that this wisdom has been imparted I would be sorely disappointed if you did nothing to improve your image………. (Yes you know who you are)

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India at night

One of my friends sent me this pic recently……….The image of India at night is truly breathtaking……….. I wonder what India looked like during Earth hour?

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