Being ‘Awesome’ ! (Socially ! )

09 Nov

Yes, Social Media is definitely the coolest thing that has happened to the face of the internet (and for some ; to their entire lives). Most people probably consider themselves really ‘Awesome’ when it comes to Social Media presence and while some may actually be right; most are dead wrong! …..We really must start by defining what ‘Social Media Awesomeness’ is……Lets be very clear to the people out there who are awed by Quantity; its not about the size! When it comes to Social Media bigger is not always better……….While the number of friends you have are important its also about the Quality of your friendship………..I have come across a ton of un-awesome people who have a 1000+ friends but are pathetically uncool……So to start building on your Social Media Awesomeness you need to stop adding people you dont know……..And certainly dont start with “Will you make frandship?”……That’s the kind of thing that gives us a good humor break during bad work days………

Secondly, Age of your Social Media presence does not make you awesome ! Just because your dad signed up on Facebook 5 days before you does not necessarily make him awesomer (yes thats a word!)

So now that we have cleared the ground let me give you a few tips on how to be awesome (at the risk of sounding like a total braggart):

– Awesome people are NOT arrogant ! So if you have a 100 friends wanting to know your every move and like to hear from you then better interact…..Dont just sit there and gloat over the number of wall posts you received or status replies…

– Awesome people keep getting awesomer by the day ! So adopt trends as they happen in the social media space and do it well…..Reputation is at stake people !!!

– Dont forget that behind each Facebook or Twitter profile is a person ! So dont give up on your social life to sit at home in a dark room and tweet ! That would jsut make you pathetic and non-awesome…..

– Lastly like anything being socially awesome is a task in itself and needs to be evolved constantly to be able to keep up your A-Game…Popularity drops as fast as it rises………

Now that this wisdom has been imparted I would be sorely disappointed if you did nothing to improve your image………. (Yes you know who you are)

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