Woh Sari mujhe de de Aunty !

15 Nov

There is a very fine line between wedding preparations and absolute insanity ! However Indian women are generally veering towards the latter. An Indian lady preparing for a wedding will not think twice about committing a felony if its gets things done according to her demands. Which is rather scary in a way! I certainly would not enter a sari shop during wedding season for fear of my limbs, which I prefer on my body and not on the sari shop floor.

Following is a conversation I overheard while walking to work:

Lady 1: Do you know what happened yesterday?

Lady 2: No what what? (As usual all Indian women thrive on good gossip)

Lady 1: I went to buy a sari for my daughters wedding and just as I put it on the counter to check out others this woman came and swiped it? (Translate: I didnt want that sari but ‘wanted’ it cause someone else did)

Lady 2: Good lord ! Kaminee (Translate: Im saying this just to hear the rest of it) What did you do?

Lady 1: Abused her and fought for the sari of course! Last piece it was !! (Translate: There were more like it in other shops but its a matter of principle to fight for what other people want)

Lady 2: Well done ! Hope you hit her? (Dont we all just love a good female fight?)

Lady 1: She got scared and gave it back. I didnt need to fight (Disgusting triumphant grin !)

Saying this both women calmly moved on to talking about some peace-guru. Height of hypocrisy and what a killer thing to hear on a Monday morning.

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One response to “Woh Sari mujhe de de Aunty !

  1. MajorFan

    November 15, 2010 at 9:51 am

    Totally agree!! 😀


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