Dhinchak Auto !

16 Nov

Those who know me well enough are aware that I have a knack for finding the coolest auto rickshaws out there (although the female-driven auto still remains elusive.) After the hilarious walk with the ‘Sari-Aunties’ (check last post #shameless publicity) I finally found ‘THE’ coolest rickshaw ever……So there I was trudging along the muck filled roads of Mahape looking for any mode of transportation that would take me safely home and in front of me stops a god sent rickshaw-wala. For a change I had found a simple guy who did not put up a smug face and straight away say ‘No’ after hearing the destination. So I sat in and plugged in my ipod (because obviously my music is better than rickshaw guy’s music). After a while I hear faint tunes of a familiar song warbling out of his music system and I take off my ipod headphones only to be shocked !! The ‘cool’ driver was actually listening to Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. Thats when I realized that I was listening to ‘Golmaal 3’ title song and felt relatively uncool ! Here is the rickshaw man with really un-rickshaw type taste in music:


Lesson of the day “Think before you judge”

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One response to “Dhinchak Auto !

  1. Aditi

    November 16, 2010 at 5:52 am

    Firstly: You need a new playlist!
    Secondly: This story has made me find new Respect for autowalas who are currently on my hitlist due their arrogance..\m/


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