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Glad to see you end

2010 was not one of the best years of my life and there are several concrete reasons to back my statement. The year started off on a lousy note with a billion different shoots to handle. Working on a set of a TV commercial is not all glamorous its made out to be. The work is literally “shitty” and teamed up with a completely unprofessional organization things just kept going from bad to worse. Maybe this was one of the primary reasons for quitting hardcore advertising and look out for something that I’m good at and can handle. Finally the decision to quit was taken in May (after 8 months of enduring sheer torture) and a good 1 month of rest later the job hunt and desperation started all over again. Finally in August did I start a new job and lets say that I am quite content at this new stage in my life.

All in All 2010 was a crappy year. There was no stability, the year was full of disappointments and poor decisions and other things just not worth mentioning. Heres hoping 2011 is at least half as good as the horoscope websites claim it to be.

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About “Parenting” from a non-parent

You don’t need to be a parent to have an opinion about parenting. Everyday I see parents making so many mistakes that kids will definitely never forget. Forgive maybe, but forget they wont. So here are some of my opinions on things that parents really should consider while bringing up their kids:

1.) Do not shout at your kid in front of others. Even if the people present are really close to you (like your closest cousins or siblings) it is important to let your child have that self respect to avoid him turning into a constantly self-doubting grown up.

2.) Don’t point out your kids mistakes even in front of his or her own siblings. Rest assured there will definitely be no respect for each other ever.

3.) Send your kids to learn sports and music at an early age. I am not of the opinion that parents should not force them. Force your kids if you must. You never know if you have a National level Tennis player in your midst. If they consistently hate something they can give it up but at least force them to give it a shot. Although if you have more than one kid make sure they learn different things. Competition should not start at home.

4.) Respect is earned; not given. Unless you respect your kid they are most certainly never going to respect you. Chronological age does not make you right. Most importantly learn to listen.

5.) Always (x infinite) support your kids at all times. Even if they have a fight or an argument with their own cousins, make it a point to stand by your kid in front of others. You can later take him or her aside and explain their mistake. But never make the mistake of taking their cousin’s side and ditching your own. I can guarantee your kid will grow up and not consider you as someone he /she can fall back on.

6.) Young age does not equal to stupidity. Learn to pay attention to your child’s opinions and seriously consider them.

7.) Lastly the most obvious one. Do not hit ! No matter how bad the situation is, words can definitely resolve all problems.

I don’t know how many parents would agree with me on this, but as a former kid, I definitely know that each and every point matters as we grow up.


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