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Ideal Advice !

My friend and well-wisher (Sourabh . S) gave me fatte advice that will definitely help me finish my novel in time:


“Write drunk, Edit sober”


Will most certainly apply 😉 Lets hope the novel gets done before I become an alcoholic…..

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I wonder

Sometimes I wonder,

What if I was born in a far flung country?

Would I still be a writer ?

What if social media never existed?

Would I then have more than “5” friends?

What if I had never met certain people in my life?

Would I then know what it was like to love unconditionally?

What if I never learnt to read?

Would I have ever been happy?

What if I wasn’t allowed to make my own decisions?

Would I be married with kids by 25?

I wonder,

What would my life be if I chose to wonder about things that I lack?

Instead I choose to look at things that I have been blessed with .

And when I do I realize,

Even if I express gratitude for the following 25 years,

It would still be too less.


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One of those days

Its just one of those days again where nothing seems to be moving forward except the clock hands. I feel like I have been stuck in “Pause” mode while the rest of the world is in “Fast Forward”. As I sit here and stare at my screen in hope that the work would get itself done, I cant help but ponder on what the year might have in store for me. Being an astrology buff I have scrounged every site and book possible on what “Taurus Horoscope for 2011” states and there have been several elements that have been consistent which have probably got me thinking. One of the most common ones was “Career Growth” but I am guessing that is extremely generic and can easily be said for all people. In fact if anyone sticks around in an organization for more than a year they are quite likely to progress. So I must take that with a pinch of salt and concentrate on finishing tasks rather than let destiny take its course.

The weirdest prediction I have noticed (consistently) across several sites is that of marriage. Another thing these sites probably based on general majority rather than actual peek into my destiny. After all 25 is the most common age to get hitched.

I guess I’m prepared for whatever comes my way. Just hope there aren’t too many of these slow and boring days or ill probably be dead long before these predictions were to come true.

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