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Cloudy Day Musings

As I stare outside my office window and see the rainy clouds I can help but remember several old memories that are ingrained in my mind and associated strongly with the season:

– Standing near the door and waiting for the rain to stop so I could go play with my friends

-Playing in the garage instead when the rain just wouldn’t stop

– Putting the cricket bats in the storage and taking out the Football.

-Sitting in a Rickshaw with blue tarpaulin on the sides to avoid getting clothes all mucky (Clothes would still get filthy and we would love it!)

– Wearing Gum Boots and splashing around in the puddles knowing that my feet would be dry no matter how much I jumped around

– Trying to find earthworms to build an “EarthWorm farm” in an old jar.

– Coming to India when schools in Dubai would be shut for the supposed “Summer Break”

– Eating really hot “Bhutta” with a lot of lemon and masala

– Buying a new Raincoat/Umbrella every season

– Reading Nancy Drew while sitting at the window and enjoying the sound of the raindrops against the roof

– Comparing every downpour to 26th July !

– Drinking hot chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon (As we grew up it became “Old Monk and Coke”)

– Writing letters ! (I dont know why but I often wrote even more letters during the monsoons)

Monsoons mean something to each and every person and everyone has special memories about this season. Unfortunately in this manic rat race we don’t have time to notice the weather change till its almost gone ! Guess its true “All good memories are created during our childhood”

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