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Raahein Akeli Reh Gayi

Maang liya tumse kuch zyaada
Par mujhe kuch dena na aaya
Zindagi yunhi kat ti gayi
Aarman phir bhi rahe adhure wahi
Akele toh tum bhi the zyaada
Saath tumhara mujhe dena na aaya
Pathrile raaston pe chalte chalte
Hath tumhara pakadna na aaya

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This Is Me

Morbid dreams,
Silent screams
Sleepless nights
Joy bound tight
Endless words
Fear of birds
Castles in clouds
Hope in shrouds
Picture taker
Plan maker
Burst of pink
No time to think
The world to see
This is me

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“Happy” New Year

And here at the end we stand
Choices many; yet nothing in hand
We are left only with mere thoughts
Half baked plans and battles lost
What surprises does my future hold?
With all my dreams that I have sold
I shut my eyes and wonder why
Life is just another way to die
Aims and ambitions are a wake up call
Try I must to surpass this wall
Of pain, of loss, of dying hope
Of life towards a downward slope.
Shadows of the past I hope to shed
As I bid adieu and put this year to bed

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I wish for things that never come true
I wish for a world without idiocy
If wishes were stars
I would wish for a galaxy

I believe in wishful things
I believe in love
If beliefs were achievable
I would believe in god above

I promise myself I’ll be happy
I promise to at least try
If promises were blue,
I would promise myself the sky

I live for the moment
I live for a chance to fly
If lives were endless
I would live to die

I ………………………

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Collecting Memories

There’s so much I don’t understand. What I don’t understand is why we look at things in perspective only towards the end of the year and let go of it on the 31st; along with our sobriety. I, for one, tend to write extremely depressing (and perhaps mediocre) posts in the last week of December most often describing how pointless the year was. While it may be true, the post doesn’t always make for great reading. Coming back to the original thought behind this post; why is life full of things we just don’t understand?

Nishant was 10 when he got stuck with the death penalty. His crime was nothing yet he got the worst verdict ever: Cancer. No, his kind wasn’t the one that would go away miraculously and give us all a happy ending. “Too young for this suffering” is what they all said. “Too old to cry” is what he thought. Nishant believed in only one thing “You don’t die early, you just live faster”. Okay so it may not have been an original thought but the book he recently read certainly gave him something to think about and a whole new perspective on the days to come. That was the day he started his collection. He collected leaves that had fallen off the trees. No one understood his obsession. The sympathetic “Tsk Tsk’s” often followed one of his visits to the garden that added to his collection. His mom tried very hard to find where he hid his collection and what he wanted to do with it. But she never pushed him too much for information. 365 days later Nishant took a breath for the last time. Days later as his mother cleaned out his room she finally hit upon the thing that had kept her in mystery for the past year: his collection of leaves hidden carefully behind his closet. As she went through the collection she realized that each leaf had a message; a sentence to describe each day that he lived. The last one read: “Looks like I may not make it any further, when I die I want you to write me a message on each leaf and return them to Mother Nature just like me. Who knows maybe someday one of these leaves will reach me up in heaven and ill know my mommy misses me”

Why this story as we end the year? And why leaves? A 10 year old understood what most of us fail to: Life is a cycle. It’s going to end and it doesn’t matter how long you live, what matters is how well you live. Even after his death, a kid gave his mom a memory that she would always cherish. He gave her his presence. This year lets all vow to forget all pointless regrets of the past and over-ambitious resolutions for the future. Let’s remember that each day is a reason to create a memory. Memories that are not just for us, but others who are a part of our lives. And as we do, let’s not try to hard to understand some things. There is always a time when life will clear all doubts for us.

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