28 Dec


I wish for things that never come true
I wish for a world without idiocy
If wishes were stars
I would wish for a galaxy

I believe in wishful things
I believe in love
If beliefs were achievable
I would believe in god above

I promise myself I’ll be happy
I promise to at least try
If promises were blue,
I would promise myself the sky

I live for the moment
I live for a chance to fly
If lives were endless
I would live to die

I ………………………

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One response to “I

  1. niti

    December 28, 2011 at 5:58 am

    i wish for dreams, chocolate ice-creams,
    i wish for choice, unreasonable rejoice,
    i wish for rain, and years without pain,
    i wish for respite, mighty flight of a kite,
    i wish for solace, to find it in your face,
    i wish for years, sweet joyous tears,
    i wish for a kiss, state of eternal bliss,
    i wish for you by my side, to make life a lively ride!


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