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“Just The Way You Are”

As I was listening to “Just the Way You Are” on my iPod, a thought crossed my mind : So I think I’m awesome; Is that such a crime? I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I often felt like I’m being obnoxious whenever I thought I was right and others were wrong. Choosing myself above others felt like a crime and this was like putting a dent every time in my self-esteem. However I realized one thing. You can NEVER make others happy. No matter what you do there is someone somewhere who thinks you are bad, selfish or just plain wrong. I came to the conclusion that making others happy is exhausting and at the end of the day you don’t enjoy the fact that you lived up to other people’s expectations. You wonder why you are not as happy as you ought to be. Maybe I’m not the nicest person around, in fact I’m sure I’m not, but I know I am great the way I am and that makes me happy. Even if you do want to take criticism about yourself, take it from someone who has the balls to accept some observations about themselves.

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Bringing Change!

Ever wondered what it would be like if the universe decided to conspire in your favor? Not just the rhetoric conspiracies that often backfire in your face and get termed as valuable life lessons! Imagine if you had a coveted change thrown right into your laps and yours to do as you please. How would you react then? Believe it or not, most of us wouldn’t know how to accept what we are being given. Most of us tend to look a gift horse in the mouth although the proverb specifically says not to. However, this scenario is idealistic at best. Change is not about the “One Big Thing” but rather a series of small little things that prepare us for the big change.

I recently read an article that claimed change is about choice and rightfully so. You can’t invoke change in your life unless you specifically choose to. We end each day with regrets on how we could have a better career, more luxuries and in general and more desirable life. What demands attention is exactly what we do to get those changes in our life. Now I would be hypocritical if I claimed I’m different. If truth be told I’m in the same boat where I wish for things rather than strive for it. I day dream and I don’t think it’s a crime; however, this year I want to occasionally wake up from those dreams to take some action. I want to end 2012 with few regrets and more “Wows” on things I managed to achieve. This year my goal to give myself a “wow” on everything I do. Till then I won’t rest. Till then I won’t dream.

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Samay Ki Baatein

Tanhai mein jashn ka mazaa hi kuch aur hai
Kya hua jo hum akele hai
Humaare akelepan main saath woh Yaar hai
Kuch chupe hue raaz aur kuch hasi ki baatein
Naye saal ke aate aate khatam na hue shabd saare
Samay chal raha hai armaano ke pankh laga ke
Ehsaas hua hai un cheezo ka jo karte karte reh gaye
Din toh ab bhi baaki hai kaafi
Chalo kuch aisa kar jaaye,
Na rahe ghum aur na bebasi reh paye
Jeet toh likhi hai sab ke kismat mein
Kahaani tab banegi jab jeet bhi khud ek misaal ban jaye

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