Small Joys

31 Mar

Happiness is often overrated. Some people are looking for violins playing in the background or a great epiphany to bring them to a happy moment. As for me, I find joy in the smaller things in life. What makes me happy? Here goes:

1.) Brand new shoes (I’m a girl! what do you expect?)

2.) Puppies (One of my very few regrets in life is that I could never have a puppy! Maybe someday)

3.) Writing. (While I may not be a great writer, it is my escape for the normality of this world)

4.) Beaches (I find nothing more beautiful than an endless deep blue sea and white sand beneath my feet)

5.) Birthdays (Not just mine! I love all birthdays. Its the one day a person gets to be treated special and I love doing that for others.)

6.) Cycling (This is one joy I cant explain. You need to experience it to know what I mean)

7.)  A good book

8.) Stuffed Toys (I dont think I can ever outgrow this fascination)

9.) Music (Instrumental Music to be precise. Trying to learn the flute. Lets see where that goes)

10.)  Malls (I just love them! I dont have to actually buy anything to enjoy a mall. There’s just so much vibrancy that you cant help but have fun)

11.) Video Game Arcade (Ever had a day bad enough to want to contemplate quitting? Next time go to an Arcade and play DDR. This game is designed to make people happy I guess. And the intense workout is an added bonus)

12.) Taking pictures (Happy faces. Sad faces. Grumpy faces. I love clicking them all. Why portraits? Because sometimes the camera sees whats behind a straight face and I like uncovering the great human mystery)

While these are a few things that make me happy, I realize that everyday brings something new worth smiling about.

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