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Life is a Shampoo Aisle



Ever stood in a supermarket shampoo aisle and spent time wondering which shampoo to buy? Yes sure, your mind tells you “Go for the trusty one you have been using for 10 years. Why change now?” while your heart tells you “Haven’t you seen the commercials? Be brave, try the new one that was created with modern technology“…..What do you usually do? Go with the good ol trusty one or try something new? And that my friends is the million dollar question. Frivolous as it may sound, Life is a Shampoo aisle! Its so easy to go for something that works “Just Fine”. Its the “New” that we don’t often reach out for. 

What’s important to note is that things don’t stop being difficult when the choice is made. What comes later is a tumultuous roller coaster ride that tends to make you feel like you’re falling off; a roller coaster by the name of ‘Consequence’. If choices at times are poor, Consequences rob you off the pocket change you have left. 

Does this mean you should forever live in your comfort zone? Definitely not; in fact its the bad, risky and novel choices that make you who you are. You and the consequences of your choices are stuck together; for better or for worse. And you know what? Even the worse is better than nothing. So go forth; do something stupid, eat that weird looking meat, wink at someone way out of your league….try the brand new Shampoo. 

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