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Life Happens

When did we grow up? When did we go from caring about scraped knees to mending broken hearts? In this war of right v/s wrong, to-do v/s not-to-do, desire v/s duty, have we lost the will to just be ourselves?

There are questions; and then some more! Being a grown up includes being stuck in an endless maze of answer seeking, most of which remains a mystery till the end. Every morning we wake up with the good fortune of having lived another day; one agonizingly meaningless minute at a time. Tarot cards are contradictory; newspaper horoscopes more fictional than the comic strips they are printed next to. We tried logic and we prayed for magic, the answers still continue to elude. Growing up is not as cool as we thought it was when we played dress-up and all of us wanted to be the “Parents”.

However, there is something I read today that got me thinking, sometimes you need to stop doing that! Sometimes you have to stop analyzing the past, stop predicting the future, stop  seeking answers and just let life happen.

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