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A Letter of Hope

Dear Men,

Today, being a woman in India embarrasses me. It’s gone a step beyond just fear, it’s now plain embarrassment. Not that all of you are at fault and responsible for this feeling, but don’t you think it’s time there was some change in the male attitude? Before you get on your high horses and tell me that I’m being an unreasonable feminist let me state that this letter is not for everyone and those who relate to it will perhaps understand the emotion.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies rape! Not our tiny skirts, not our ability to hold a drink and certainly not our right to go out and have fun! (Dented and painted my ass)  But this letter is not about rape. It’s about where it all starts from: our homes. Answer this: Do you guys really respect us? Yes, I’m sure you love us, cherish us and want us forever, but do you respect us? You might demand respect from us but is it mutual? Let’s face it, we are not perfect. We don’t always look pretty; sometimes we want to dress in drab clothing and forget to do our hair. Sometimes we don’t want to cook for you, we just want to chill. Sometimes we just don’t want to go to the parlor and remember to wax our legs to perfection or have pretty eyebrows. We want to have an occasional drink, go out with our friends and behave like lunatics or even eat an entire bucket of KFC in the most non-aesthetic way possible. Does this make us any less of women? Some of you like comparing us to your mother’s; while at times we may take it as a compliment, other times it’s just a confidence killer.

While it may seem like I’m deviating from the gravity of the situation, I strongly believe that everything starts from the very basic. Why can’t we teach our sons that women are not meant to be objectified and treated as arm candy? We are your partners, better halves, sisters, mothers or even your gal pals. We are not here to make you happy; we want to, but that’s not what we are here for.

Your 2013 resolution should be to take some time out, reflect on what you can change within yourself. We may or may not impact what lawmakers do, but I think we can certainly change ourselves and the generations to come.

We still have faith in some of you. We want to be able tell our daughters that “Go out and have fun. You will be safe. We are sure.”

The Women in your life

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