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Because I’m a girl….

I am an Indian girl…. You can stop reading now if you think it is one of those feminist rants… Well since you are still reading let me move on…. I’m an Indian girl and let’s face it life is difficult right from the time we are in our mother’s womb….. Every single day there is a new struggle and don’t even tell me that it’s any different for you…. When was the last time you wore a tank top on a hot day, just because it was too hot to be covered up, and felt secure?? When was the last time you sat at a public place and ate an ice candy without worrying men are visualising something else entirely?…. Dear guy-on-bus-who-cribbed-about-ladies-seats, I am against reservation too but if you would just stop groping us we would be quite comfortable standing next to you in a crowded bus… What do you think happened when I went home and told my parents I argued with a rickshawala for charging extra fare? I was told to keep quiet and not anger “these kind of men”… Why? Because I’m a girl….

No, I am not one of those women who wish “agle baar mohe bitiya na kijo”! I am perfectly happy to be born a girl but as I was growing up I often secretly wished I could swap lives with my brother just so I wouldn’t have to live up to archaic and jaded rules created thanks to the perversions of our fellow men…

Someone once told me women and men are not equal… All I have to say to that it is that some of us are not but that’s a choice you make for yourself…I wouldn’t say we are better, but pulling others down just because you can’t get up is what got us here in the first place…. I don’t blame men for all the problems Indian women suffer…I strongly feel women are each other’s worst enemies… If we see the stats, more than half the domestic abuse crimes in the country are perpetrated by the mother-in-law before the husband…. It’s a sad situation and an even bleaker future…

If I ever have a daughter I don’t want to have to teach her to be “submissive” and “take a step back”…I want to teach her to make herself heard, I want to teach her to stand up for what she believes in without fear who is standing up to her… But most of all I would want her not to have to look over her shoulder every time she steps out into the world… Before I do that I need to set an example & learn to stand up to all odds… Why? Because I’m a GIRL….

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