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DIY : Bird cage lamp

I must confess: I have been bitten by the DIY bug! This is my second DIY within a week.
Couple of days ago I found a rusted bird cage abandoned by my neighbors. Here’s what it looked like:


After an entire afternoon of hard work this is what I ended up with:


You can do this too. Once you clean the bird cage make flowers out of m-seal and mould them on the cage. Once the flowers harden spray paint the entire cage with white paint.


Let this dry. If some spots are missed use acrylic paint and a brush to touch up.

When it dries paint the flowers. Drape a string of fairy lights around your cage and your lamp is ready to brighten up your home


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DIY Friday : Cassette lamp

Sometimes when you are cleaning out your closet you chance upon old goodies that were once really important but are now just occupying space in your already cramped closets. That’s what happened to me this morning while I was cleaning out my shoe closet. I found some of my old cassettes that I once couldn’t live without. My purse used to contain my Sony Walkman and my favourite Kuch Kuch Hota Hai cassette among others. Since there are so many memories attached I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out. After a bit of Googling and an afternoon of crafts this is what I came up with:


Here’s how you can make one too.
Things you need:


– old cassettes (make the lamp as wide or tall as you want)
– Cable ties (you can find at any hardware store)
– Slate (for the base. If you want to use wood that works too)
– Black spray paint (to colour the slate. You can use regular acrylic colour too)
– Fevi Kwik
– Fabric glue
– Fairy lights (1 string. Any colour you like. I chose white)

Step 1:
Spray paint your slate black so you have a uniform colour. Make sure you do this outside your house and line the floor with ample newspapers. Leave the slate out till it is fully dry. This will form the base of your lamp.


Step 2

Start stacking the tapes and tying them together with cable ties. Use fevi kwik in the gaps.


Step 3

Once your tower is ready put strong adhesive on your slate base. I used fabric glue as it is quite strong.


Step 4

Place tower on glue outline and let it dry


Step 5

Put a string of fairy lights from the top and voila your lamp is ready!


Make sure you use low voltage fairy lights or the cassettes could melt!

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