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Random Crap In An Insomniac’s Mind

Sometimes I have one of those nights where I am sleepy right until the moment my head hits the pillow. Then I’m wide-awake! It’s almost like there’s an evil person in my head who is responsible for switching off the awake switch and pulls back right at the last minute to screw with me. So last night was one of those nights. Here are the exact thoughts that went through my head (Not even kidding):

10:59pm – “I’m so sleepy I’ll die”
11:15pm – “Accio toothbrush!!”
11:20pm – “Chuck it. I won’t get cavity if I don’t brush aaj”
11:30pm – “Ahh room is finally cool. Let’s sleep”
11:43 – “What time’s it?”
11:57pm – “OMG it’s almost 12. Now I have to sleep”
12:03pm – “Shit I wonder if it’s possible to experience the exact moment the brain falls asleep”
12:17 – “I’ll never know what it’s like to fall asleep”
12:30 – “If I was a murderer on Crime Patrol, where would I dump the body?”
12:32 – “Not in the nearest jungle that’s for sure”
1:01 – “What would be a good career change for me?”
1:03 – “I’ll become Manasi Ma. Godwoman and messiah of the downtrodden”
1:05 – “I’ll wear all green”
1:13 – “WHY CAN’T I SLEEP?”
1:25 – “I think I’ll work for a while”
1:26 – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I really need to meet a sleep specialist. Or an exorcist, to help me get rid of my crazy thoughts.

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