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12 months, 12 trips

There’s no wake-up call louder than that of the knowledge that you will be turning 30 in just a few short months. Gone are the carefree single digit birthdays, awkward teens and the unmentionable 20’s. The big 3 O is just as advertised: scary enough to turn your hair grey (quite literally I might add). Like most people who suddenly have an epiphany as they near this milestone, I too have come up with a way to make this year one to remember. I’m sure the title is a dead giveaway; in the span of 12 months I will be taking 12 trips (or more if the wallet permits) of both weekend getaway and international sojourn varieties. I can’t say that this will be easy, considering I’m the most impulsive spender there ever was. I’m sure it will be fun making this resolution stick. To the roads waiting to be traveled…..

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