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January: Of madness and epiphanies in Vengurla / Goa

Kick-started my #12months12trips resolution with a trip that is really close to my heart: a visit to Vengurla, home of one of my besties (read: Dressydame). Anyone who has known me for the last 3-4 years, knows that visiting Vengurla is an annual tradition and it just feels amazing to start my travel year with this.

Vengurla 2016

The entire thing started off with a rushed phone-call from said bestie and instant booking of tickets, all in the span of 10 minutes. The over-planner in me had a bit of a panic moment but realization hit that going with the flow was the need of the hour. 15 days and countless prayers later, we finally had confirmed tickets just 2 days before we were scheduled to leave. But of course, knowing us, the panic doesn’t end there. After delays and nail-biting suspense as to whether our dear, ever late, friend Pratik would ever make the train, we were finally on our way! This might sound really silly but I have fallen in love with 2nd AC compartment (especially if you are a group of 4). Like, how cool is it to not have strange people sleeping on the berth next to yours and snoring loud enough to crack glass? We napped most of the journey and finally reached Kudal, the nearest station to Vengurla. After a quick (and blisfully cold) rickshaw ride we finally spotted the familiar peach bungalow and the its friendly little dog. It definitely felt like coming home.
While I won’t go into what we did each day of our 4-day vacation I will say that it involved way too much seafood, lying on the terrace and spotting constellations, picking shells at the beach among other things. While we did go to Goa for a day, this trip was not about the typical goa vacation of burning oneself at the beach and getting loaded up on drinks. We relaxed, we partied and most importantly what I got out of this trip is that I looked at the stars and realized what I want. I just saw it there, if that makes sense. More on that some other time.
Here’s to 11 more equally awesome vacations this year.
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