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I wish I was a cow

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,
I’m writing this to say I am sad,
And that I wish I was a heifer.
Because things are really that bad.

You may think I am a nobody,
And delete this without a glance.
But I sincerely and desperately plea,
To give my explanation a chance.

Your campaign and promises from 2014,
Inspired the novice voter in me.
I never thought it was a smoke screen,
Or saffron-tinted bunkum and houey.

The farmers are on strike this week;
Did it really have to be so?
Their lives have become bleak
And your promises proved hollow.

Yes, you put India on the world map,
And for that I certainly thank you.
But while our economy is slightly less crap,
Why is life easy only for a select few?

But most of all I worry about me,
And by me I mean all womenfolk.
Will we ever truly be free?
Will the right to our body always be a joke?

Another girl got raped today sir,
The girl could have been me.
Will justice be denied to her?
And the culprits go scot free?

Seeing as how things are now,
I cant help but think,
That if I was the holy cow
I’d be less likely to go extinct.

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